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Far too often, DSG sees large-scale businesses falling into a trap of using nothing but fixed corporate marketing content. Though it is important for multi-location businesses to operate under this corporate umbrella to strengthen brand image, local marketing strategies using varying content are an overlooked outlet for growth.

Why Hyperlocal?

There’s no doubt that local searches are on the rise. In fact, 46% of all Google searches are local, or “near me” searches according to WebFX, and searches of this variety continue to experience a rise in over 500% over the last several years. People using “near me” search queries are also considered to be valuable web traffic, as it’s additionally been found that 80% of local searches convert.

A hyperlocal marketing strategy can be a cost-effective form of marketing, with the potential for high returns. Engaging with your local audience does not need to be costly; perhaps there is a local newspaper that your business could run ads in, or a local event that you can sponsor or participate in.

Large-scale businesses are not the only groups in need of a hyperlocal strategy. It is just as vital for small and single location businesses to market on a local scale. You may think that you’re targeting local customers, but have you truly connected with your town? Customers feel more trusting of businesses that are involved in their communities, so make your presence known.

How to Get Started

Beginning your hyperlocal strategy can be as simple as claiming and optimizing your individual business’ Google My Business listings. GMB and Google Maps are go-to resources for local business information, and likely the number one stop for anyone making a “near me” search. Check out DSG’s blog on Free Media for more information on GMB and other online platforms your business can utilize at no cost!

Another great way to promote your business on GMB at a hyper-local level is by using GMB posts. Posts on Google My Business can range from business updates, to promotions, to events, and more, and they appear right along your business information in the search results page. Using these free posts to promote events and products among your locations can help you engage the untapped local market.

DSG specializes in bulk claiming GMB listings. If you’re in need of a bulk claiming solution, reach out to DSG using the form fill below.

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