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As 2020 begins, SEO specialists look back on the past year’s trends to offer you insights on the latest changes in the digital marketing world. This year, specialists suggest that zero click searches now account for over half of all google searches. So, what are zero click searches, and how should you alter your SEO strategy to align with this new-age trend?

What are Zero Click Searches?

As would any platform, Google constantly works towards improving their user experience. Enhanced search results are a Google feature intended to facilitate the google-search process. They attempt to provide the answer that the user is searching for within the initial results page within a segment called a featured snippet, eliminating the need to click into additional webpages. This, of course, is designed in the best interest of the Google user, but it nonetheless shakes up the way businesses utilize SEO. The rise in zero click searches undoubtedly causes difficulty for businesses who rely heavily on organic traffic.

What Can You Do?

Featured snippets consist of search results that are chosen to be featured near the top of Google’s search results page, between the paid text ads and the organic results. They are most often intended to answer specific keyword questions, and are generally occupied by those already ranked as the top organic result. They are displayed in a specially formatted segment that largely eliminates the need for the user to load into a webpage. If you’d like to be a featured snippet contender you must consider which questions users might be asking in order to arrive at your landing page. Incorporate those questions and/or keywords into your page’s subheader or body. Finally, be sure that the answer to your question is presented as factually and as clearly as possible.

An alternative method to rank higher in Google results is to enhance your listing by turning it into a rich snippet. Rich snippets allow more information to be displayed between the URL and description in your Google organic search listing, including photos, ratings, and more. They offer a far more visually pleasing listing to the user, meaning they are likely to earn higher click-through rates than their ordinary counterparts. Implementing rich snippets can do wonders in the realm of SEO.

If these strategy does not fit the bill, then consider more extensively studying your current SEO infrastructure. Which of your keywords truly bring in the most clicks? Hone in on your best performing keywords to boost your overall page rankings before focusing on the coveted featured snippet.

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