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As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, the media is saturated with stories detailing the difficulties businesses are having in hiring employees. The challenge to find workers extends across all industries and geographies. We see everything from restaurants being unable to staff their busy shifts to American Airlines’ recent announcement that they are cancelling 950 flights over the next month due to staffing shortages.

As Marketing Consultants, we are seeing the impact of this situation first hand. Many of our clients have told us that they may not be able to handle the additional business that their marketing efforts will deliver and have asked for our help in recruiting talent.

In response to this wide-ranging demand, we have created a multi-point strategy to help our clients achieve their recruiting goals. In fact, as we look back at the proposals we prepared in Q2, a high percentage are recruitment related.

Today, we wanted to share some of the under-the-radar tactics we are deploying. One of DSG’s core competencies is Online Presence. We specialize in optimization of online business listings across the spectrum of Search, Directory, Nav, Voice and Social apps and sites.

You might not immediately think that online listing platforms (GMB, Yelp, Yext etc) would be tools to leverage for recruitment. However, these platforms can act as your digital help wanted sign for little or no cost!

Google My Business Posts

Claiming and optimizing your GMB is the first step towards securing your business’ online hyperlocal presence. Learn more about the importance of GMB in this DSG blog, and start the process of claiming your listing if you haven’t already.

An excellent way to capture the attention of visitors to your GMB profile is through GMB posts. Posts appear on your GMB profile, just below your core business information. Often, GMB profiles get more traffic than a business’ website itself, so your Google My Business profile is a great place to display a “Help Wanted” sign!

A GMB post is a great place to display a help wanted sign.

Your GMB “Help Wanted” post can link back to your company’s career page (or wherever you’d like it to link to) for application fulfillment, and can stay posted to your profile until the position is filled. DSG offers GMB posting services customized for your business at a low cost.


Managing your business’ Yelp profile offers a unique opportunity to connect with a base of over 100 million unique monthly visitors. For more on optimizing your Yelp presence, check out this DSG blog.

At the moment, Yelp is offering a customizable “COVID-19 Updates” field to all business profiles. This field is visible at the very top of your profile. This is a great area to let visitors know you are actively looking to fill open positions.


Like in GMB, you can redirect your applicants to a location of your choosing for application fulfillment.

Yext Listing Management

Utilizing Yext to manage your listings opens the doors to extend your online presence to new heights. Yext’s Featured Message allows you to push a short, 50-character message to be displayed prominently across your online listings. For businesses with job openings, Yext’s Featured Message offers a chance to display your recruitment message to a network of over 150 global digital platforms. The Featured Message is clickable, permitting you to link out to wherever you would like candidates to apply for your positions.

Essentially, advertising your job opening through Yext’s Featured Message ensures that internet users are aware of the job listings, no matter what platform they are viewing your business  profile from.

Traditional Recruitment Sites

To complement these tactics, DSG also provides our clients with recruitment services through traditional job posting boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter. These sites offer various pricing plans ranging from free to premium sponsored job listings, and have proven successful in achieving a steady flow of applicants.


Leveraging your online presence platforms for recruitment purposes extends your reach beyond traditional job sites and hiring outreach methods. By extending your recruiting efforts to your online listings, you can ensure that you find the perfect person for the job, every time.Are you interested in recruiting services through DSG? Drop us a line, and let’s chat.

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