It can be difficult to know what marketing strategies to deploy during the holiday season. As we approach Christmas and New Year’s, DSG recognizes that many businesses are closed or operating on reduced hours. However, the question of holiday marketing applies to holidays all around the year. When it comes to Hanukkah and Christmas time, or Independence Day or even Labor Day, do you know how to ensure your business’ marketing success?

To PPC or not to PPC?

Businesses who are running Pay Per Click (PPC) or Social Media Campaigns may be left unsure of whether to leave campaigns running throughout holiday seasons and popular vacation times.

DSG suggests that your course of action should depend on your business category and target audience. Businesses in retail, home services, and other consumer-focused categories can benefit from increasing their PPC spend during the holiday season. This is the time when your consumers will be home browsing the internet and open to making purchases.

For non-retailers as well as B2B focused businesses, it may be wise to slow or pause your PPC campaigns. Many businesses will be closed for holidays and long weekends, so your PPC campaign might not perform well during this time. You should especially consider pausing campaigns if your phones, stores, or other means of contact will not be operating during the holiday.

Strategies for Successful Holiday Marketing 

First and foremost, always prioritize keeping your online listings up-to-date. If your business will be closed or utilizing reduced hours during the holidays, update all of your online profiles accordingly. Keeping your clientele in the know will ensure smooth sailing. 

A popular strategy for marketing during the holidays is running holiday themed sales, promotions, coupons, or rewards. Discounts are always enticing to indecisive prospects. You can persuade your audience to get in the holiday mood with a sale! Alongside the discounts, jazz up your social media accounts and email inboxes with holiday themed content. Your audience will love to see that your brand is getting in the festive spirit.


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