Listings management is a crucial practice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In a nutshell, listings management means ensuring the consistency of your business information across online directories. To learn more about listings, check out our blog What is a Listing.

You’ve heard DSG talk about listings management for large, multi-location businesses; our technology solutions offer an organized dashboard that maximizes listings management efficiency. It’s crucial to understand that listings management for small, and single location practices is equally, if not more, important.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is an absolute necessity for small businesses. Without the brand recognition that multi-location businesses have, small businesses must rely on local listings, community recognition, and a strong online presence to build their customer base.

Listings management can make a large impact on local marketing efforts. For instance, the first step you might take in managing your online listings is claiming your Google My Business profile. GMB has massive impacts on local search, giving prospects a quick look at your business information and making you easily accessible in “near me” searches.

Review Monitoring

Another important consideration in your small business’ listings management plan is business reviews. By failing to claim and monitor your online listings, you are likely missing out on many important insights into customer sentiment. GMB and Yelp (among others) are sites that allow users to leave reviews, even if you haven’t claimed or created a profile for your business.

Business reviews are more important than ever, as more and more internet users are growing to trust them more than the business itself. All reviews should be responded to by the business owner, and a lack of response can lead to even less trust.

Final Notes

Many websites now include a “user suggestions” feature which poses the threat of strangers or “rogue users” spreading misinformation on your business. Failure to claim your listings could mean wrong information, disgruntled customers, and ultimately less prospects. We hope that the benefits alone of increased exposure, enhanced local search presence, and boosted SEO performance are enough to convince you to get started on a listings management plan.

If you’re interested in DSG’s premium listings management technology, reach out to us using the contact form below. We’re happy to solve any and all of your listing puzzles. For more information, check out our Online Presence services.

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