Marketers are responsible for upholding many different aspects of a business, depending on the size of the company. Sometimes, administrative tasks or routine listings management responsibilities can start to overtake all of a marketing team’s day, leaving little to no time for the strategizing that they want and need to do. Does this sound like your marketing team? Partnering with an agency could be the cost-effective solution you need to start directing your team’s time to the more important tasks. Here’s why it could work for you.

Partnering with an Agency

Marketing covers a huge range of expertise, and various agencies focus on differing areas of marketing. If you’re looking to partner with an agency to save your team time, converse with your marketers on what their needs are in terms of an agency partnership. For tips on selecting an agency, read our blog on How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency. Partnering with an agency not only saves your team time, but it brings more skilled resources to the table, all with a common goal: your business’ success.

At DSG, we integrate seamlessly with stakeholders at all levels of your organization to achieve your marketing objectives, whether that be performance and paid search goals, or handling routine listings updates and managing your free online profiles like GMB. We monitor your business’ online presence so that you don’t have to, leaving you with more time to devote to converting leads.

Technology Solutions

Finding the right technology to assist with day to day tasks is another great way to free up hours of your marketing team’s time. DSG uses top of the line listings management technology to easily manage and update business information across hundreds of online business directories from one easy to use dashboard. DSG’s technology partnerships mean that you get access to the best tools at a competitive price, with the added benefits that come with a partnership.

DSG is also partnered with an award-winning reporting platform. Automated reports mean that your team will no longer spend days pulling data from multiple sources to configure a simple marketing report. Reporting platforms offer easily customizable reports that automatically pull data for your selected time frame, offering an in-depth look at campaign performance. They can even be delivered directly to your inbox without you so much as lifting a finger! If your marketing team has historically poured countless hours per month into uncooperative reporting platforms (or maybe even excel spreadsheets!), finding a suitable reporting technology might be the right move for you. For more thoughts on technology automation, check out Automating your Business Through Marketing.

We hope that these strategies will help your marketing team free up more time for doing what’s most important – growing your business!

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