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For many people across the country, New Year’s Resolutions are a tradition and opportunity for growth. When someone makes a New Year’s Resolution, they are resolving to continue good practices, accomplish a goal, or improve their life in some way. DSG has been reflecting back on what 2020 meant for us, and we would like to share our 2021 New Year’s Resolutions and our promises to you.


As we enter 2021, DSG commits to provide our clients with access to enhanced data on their business’s performance. Throughout 2020, DSG doubled down on our technology investment and rolled out our partnership with TapClicks, our reporting platform. TapClicks provides detailed, customizable, and easy-to-understand reports that cover all of our clients’ needs. In 2021, DSG will continue to onboard our clients to this new and exciting platform.

Stronger Relationships with Vendors

Our vendors are DSG’s backbone. While we provide our clients with the support, knowledge, and expertise, our vendors offer the technology solutions that enhance our clients results and efficiency. In 2021, we want to grow our technology stack by  partnering with new  providers as well as  deepen our relationships with our existing .

Thought Leadership

DSG is always pushing to expand our expertise within our areas of excellence. We strive to provide our clients and followers with top marketing industry news and actionable tips for improving your business’s online presence. In 2021, our goal is to be more prolific and efficient in communicating information with you.

Our first step that we’ve taken to fulfill this goal is our upcoming webinar series. For the first time ever, DSG is offering monthly webinars to share our insights and keep our clients informed. We’re teaming up with our technology partners to offer content on several thought-provoking topics. Keep an eye on our social media for news on the latest upcoming webinars.

Adding Website Content

In June of 2020, we unveiled our new and improved website. Little by little, we’ve been adding more content to create a robust resource of valuable and actionable content. Our 2021 content roadmap will include infographics, flowcharts, and many interactive resources that we’re very excited to add soon. We’ve still got a ways to go, and throughout 2021 we’re laser focused on improving our website to better serve our clients.


Do you have any marketing resolutions for 2021? Let us know in the comments. DSG is eager to help you!

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