DSG has dealt with our fair share of obstacles that lead to some pretty bizarre online listing stories. Some listing issues can be more difficult than others, but DSG always vows to go above and beyond to get the job done. Here are a few of our favorites.

Business or Dumpster?

When Googling your business, you would not want the Google Maps street view to show a trash dumpster, would you?  It happens more often than you think! DSG has had to deal with issues like this repeatedly. Strange images that have shown on Google Map street view, such as this one, gives the wrong message to Google users searching for the  business. When this happens, DSG first works  to move the map marker on Google Maps and oftentimes follow-ups with an email to Google letting them know they need to update the street view to the business’s storefront. We continue to monitor and submit requests until this is rectified.

In one particular recent instance, a client of DSG had a listing where the business was not even located on the same lot as the street view was showing. Instead of showing the front of the hospital business, the street view showed an image of two dumpsters at the back of another business with a large ‘GUNS & AMMO’ sign. Not only is this a blatantly incorrect image to be showing, but Google Maps was also directing users to the wrong location! DSG sprang into action and has since rectified the issue.

Facebook Claiming Shenanigans

DSG was once attempting to claim a rogue Facebook page for one of our clients, so that they would have full management and control of it. For claiming rogue or ‘unofficial’ listings, Facebook offers two methods: you can either enter your business phone number and have Facebook call you with a 4 digit verification code or you can upload a business document that has your name and address on it.

DSG ran into some issues when trying to claim this particular listing. The phone number method wouldn’t work, because the business’s phone number had a pre-recorded message at the beginning (“Press 1 for X, Press 2 for X”) so the automated call could not get through. Then we tried the document method by uploading an image of a gas bill, but that didn’t work either because the business name on the bill didn’t match the exact name on the profile. To fix this sticky situation, a heroic DSG team member tried the phone verification method again, but this time instead of using the business’ number, the DSG rep thought to use their cell phone number. Facebook called with the code, and DSG was able to successfully claim the page and hand off the login credentials to the client.

A Google Bulk Claiming Hurdle

DSG was trying to assist a client in claiming a group of listings since they had tried to do so in the past without success. At the start of the bulk verification process, Google (per their standard procedure) asked for the email address of someone from the client’s corporate office to authorize the operation. Unfortunately, the email address of DSG’s contact, the Marketing Communication Manager, wouldn’t work because the domain name of the email address didn’t match the brand’s name on their storefronts or website. This was because the company had recently undergone a re-brand and name update but the update hadn’t yet been made to all aspects of the business.

At the suggestion of DSG, our client contact put us in touch with the Senior SEO Manager, who allowed us to use their email address to get Corporate Authority, since this email address ended in the correct domain name. DSG was then able to get the locations claimed on Google via Bulk Verification!


Here at DSG, we’re constantly encountering new obstacles but we always find our way past them. Each new challenge leaves us better prepared for the next, and better equipped to serve our valued clients! Do you have a listing issue that’s leaving you clueless? Contact the DSG experts using the form below. We look forward to working with you!

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