DSG’s Customized Marketing Plans are one of the many things that sets DSG apart from other agencies. We believe that there is no one size fits all marketing solution. That’s why we create Customized Marketing Plans unique to each of our clients’ needs and business goals. We work hand in hand with you to build the ideal marketing solution from the ground up. Our marketing plans include not only organic and paid media planning, but reporting specific to each channel based on KPIs, comparison with other channels, or whatever suits your custom needs.

Our Process

When you choose to partner with DSG, we first perform a thorough audit of your business’s existing marketing practices. This includes scans of your business’s online presence to help us determine the accuracy of your online listings as well as where you need assistance. We also gather information on your business goals, and where you are seeking to improve your company. Next, we create a personalized proposal based on our findings and present it to you. We discuss every detail of the plan and gather your feedback. DSG is happy to make as many revisions to your plan as needed until you are satisfied.

The DSG Difference

Our marketing plans are different because they’re built just for you, and tailored perfectly for your needs. DSG works collaboratively with your existing team so that we can fully immerse ourselves in your business. Plus, we take the time to understand your Target Audience as part of our in-depth audit. Using this information, we determine the best means of reaching your audience to create your plan of action.

DSG leaves no stone unturned, as we additionally evaluate your business’s organic and paid media presence. Based on our audit of your marketing practices, we make actionable recommendations – whether that be updating current programs or investing in new ones. It’s also important to have a well-defined media mix, which is why we carefully build yours around your needs. We start by preparing a listings management plan in order to build up organic presence and improve online searchability, and then we choose paid programs to compliment the organic foundation, ensuring the programs won’t compete with your cultivated organic presence.

Depending on what type of business we are working with, we have the capability to hone in a high-quality hyperlocal marketing strategy. For multi-location businesses, this means that we drill down your marketing plan to the hyperlocal level by targeting audiences local to each individual location through special promotions and advertisements. This is a very valuable practice for multi-location businesses that many tend to neglect. For more information on hyperlocal marketing, check out our blog on How Hyperlocal Marketing Elevates your Strategy.

DSG also believes that reporting is they keystone to marketing success. We use a comprehensive reporting dashboard that is easily customizable to our clients’ preferences and needs, allowing us to serve you the perfect report every time. Our reporting technology allows us to send you automated reporting on whatever cadence or frequency you desire. But, we won’t just leave you to your own devices. DSG provides over the phone report reviews on a monthly or quarterly basis because we want to ensure that you fully understand and get the most out of your reports.


Are you ready to start working on your Customized Marketing Plan with DSG? Reach out today to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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