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Accidents happen. For new marketers and businesses, the marketing world can be difficult to navigate and it’s natural to make some mistakes when planning out your strategy. However, you want to avoid making the same mistakes time and time again. This week, DSG is highlighting four common gaps in marketing plans that could cause you trouble.

Not Managing Listings

Listing management means taking control of your online presence. A solid listing management plan allows you to distribute accurate business information across countless Search, Social, Nav, and voice platforms, which directly benefits your organic discoverability. Inaccurate business listings are a danger to your business’s wellbeing, as they can mislead customers and give you a false image. Read our blog on What is a Listing for more listing management tips. Managing your listings functions is the backbone of your marketing strategy, supporting all accompanying efforts. Don’t let it get overlooked!

No Unique Selling Points

This issue can exist for businesses of all kinds, whether B2B or B2C. It’s crucial to hone in on your Unique Selling Points (USPs), or what makes your business and product different from the rest. If you can’t name your own USPs, then neither can your customers. Are you trying to sell your customers something that they already have? Give them a reason to buy from you – show them why they need what you’re selling.

Not Monitoring Reviews

Keeping an eye on your business’ reputation can reveal valuable insights into customer sentiment. Consumers rely heavily on business and product reviews when making purchasing decisions. So, if you aren’t monitoring your reviews, customers may be basing their opinion of you on factors that you’re unaware of or not in control of. Responding to reviews both positive and negative, is always a good practice, and can help you get your reputation under control. Check out DSG’s blog on Reputation Management for more tips.

Gaps in Content

A veteran marketer knows how to produce high quality content for their business; content creators must find the perfect balance for their audience. It’s tricky to find this balance, and many businesses find themselves unsure of whether they’re producing too much content or not enough, whether their content is  posted on the right platforms, and whether they’re answering the right questions. Many of these uncertainties can be resolved by taking a closer look at your audience and analytics data to determine their wants and needs.


Partnering with an agency can eliminate the burden of possible marketing gaps . Are you looking for an expert team of marketers that you can rely on? Reach out to DSG. We’d love to show you what we can do.

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