Why use a CTN?

Businesses may choose to use a call tracking number for a variety of reasons. Call tracking numbers are a phone number that can be purchased through a provider and can be utilized to track the exact origin of phone calls. CTN’s (call tracking numbers) are an extremely cost-effective way to pinpoint your calls to the exact source of their origin. Maybe you’re looking for these enhanced insights into your calls, or maybe there is some other reason that a call tracking number works better for you. Regardless, there are some best practices that you will want to follow in order to avoid harming your business’ ranking and to keep your NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency. Luckily, utilizing a CTN in Google My Business is easier than you might expect.

Google utilizes a number of factors to determine a business’ ranking on a search results page, and consistency of a business’ core information (aka NAP) is one of the most important determinants. Using a call tracking number puts you at risk of reduced trust from google, as the phone number in the listing likely won’t match what is on your website and in other listings.

How to Put Your CTN in Your Listing

It is possible to incorporate a call tracking number into your GMB listing so that it does not harm your NAP consistency or search ranking performance. In fact, it’s very easy!

First, navigate to the “Info” page of your GMB profile.












Scroll down, and select the phone number section to edit it. You’ll want to put your call tracking number into the “Primary Phone” field, and your regular business phone number into the “Additional Phone” field.

Hit “Apply”, and you’re done! GMB will only display what you have published in your “Primary Phone” category, so you can be sure that all leads coming from GMB will be funneled through your call tracking number. Rest assured that with your main business phone in the “Additional Phone” category, Google will recognize the listing as one belonging to your business.

You can learn more about GMB and best practices associated with it and other free media sites on our blog, What is a Listing and How Can You Use Them Effectively? If you’re struggling to optimize your GMB or can’t seem to gain the leads you’re expecting, consider reaching out to DSG. Additionally, if you’re interested in obtaining a call tracking line to utilize in GMB, DSG can help. Fill out the contact form below – we look forward to hearing from you!

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