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As a Yelp Partner, we are fortunate to have enhanced access to Yelp’s resources and talented sales & support teams. We constantly look for ways to leverage our partnership with Yelp to deliver value and insights to our clients. 

Last week, we hosted a webinar with guest speakers from Yelp where we dissected key tactics to get your business both chosen and found on Yelp. We’re summarizing the three key takeaways from the webinar below. Want to watch the full recording of the event to make sure you don’t miss one bit of information? Click the image above!

People Trust Yelp

Yelp is a mobile app and website that connects people with great local businesses. The platform boasts 51 million unique monthly users and generates tremendous engagement as consumers post reviews detailing their experiences with local businesses. 

While many associate Yelp primarily with restaurants and retail, customers come to Yelp searching for every type of business – including hotels and travel, healthcare, home services, and beauty, users choose Yelp for all of their purchasing needs.

Studies have shown that Yelp users come to the platform with very high purchase intent. In fact, Yelp has more influence over final purchase decisions than other review sites, including Google – because users trust Yelp.

Beyond the Yelp Review: Be Chosen. Be Found.

Be Chosen.

Yelp delivers a powerful combination of traffic volume, user engagement and trust. As an agency, it is our job to activate it to deliver maximum leads and conversions for our clients. So, when these high-intent consumers are searching, what steps can we take to increase the chance your profile will be chosen? There are actually quite a few levers we can pull! 

When it comes to being chosen, it is really all about the profile and using it to highlight every aspect of your business that separates you from the competition. Yelp offers two types of business profiles. Standard profiles are free to your business and allow you to host reviews and basic business information such as name, address, phone number, and descriptions. Enhanced Profiles are a paid upgrade that have the capacity to take your Yelp profile to the next level.

Enhanced Profiles offer a variety of features that aren’t available to free profiles such as a custom call to action button, competitor ad removal, and enhanced tailored content. Find out more about the features available to Enhanced Profiles in this DSG blog. The profile features that come with EPs make it easy to manage your brand while showcasing what makes your business unique, which helps your business to get chosen.

Beyond the Yelp Review: Be Chosen. Be Found.

Aside from Enhanced Profiles, Yelp offers additional page upgrades that can help your business be chosen. Business Highlights allow crucial aspects of your business to be displayed on your Yelp profile and are also visible from the search result page. Businesses may also choose to display their business logo, or showcase a state issued trade license on their profile as added features.

Finally, it is crucial to keep your customers informed of COVID-19-related updates to your business, including services you may be offering temporarily. COVID-19-related attributes on Yelp appear on the search results page and on your profile page. Including a custom COVID-19 response message on your business page plays a large role in businesses being chosen, as many customers have turned to Yelp to research businesses during COVID. 

Be Found.

85% of searches on Yelp are unbranded. With such a high percentage of users searching by general category or keyword, you will want to ensure you have ample exposure to Be Found in the search results.

Yelp Cost Per Click (CPC) Search Ads ads are a high value tool that can help your business to be found. CPC Search ads attract a steady stream of purchase- ready consumers that are searching for the services you offer.

Yelp CPC ads can appear at the top of search results as well as on competitor profiles, and they offer a wide range of targeting capabilities. Businesses can choose to target audiences based on a variety of factors such as location, keywords, and even negative keywords to make sure only the highest potential prospects see your ad.

Beyond the Yelp Review: Be Chosen. Be Found.

As we have explored, increasing the chances for your business being found in Yelp search results, coupled with the tactics we reviewed for getting your profile chosen, provides a powerful one-two punch for turning Yelp into a lead generation engine for your business.


Yelp shared a great offer with our webinar listeners that will allow you to deploy the Be Chosen/Be Found strategy with significant savings. For more information or for a free market analysis for your business Contact us for details!

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