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Welcome back to DSG’s Under-The-Radar Online Listing series, where we explore lesser-known listing sites that can have a high impact on your business’ online presence. If you missed it, be sure to check out our previous blog in this series covering Apple Maps, Waze, Nextdoor, and Foursquare.

Today, we’re exploring the benefits of claiming your business on Trustpilot,, and Tripadvisor. 


Trustpilot is a business review site, similar to Yelp that hosts reviews primarily for ecommerce business websites. A new update last year has also introduced the ability to leave Trustpilot reviews for individual locations and brick and mortar stores.

Just as it is important to claim your Yelp profile in order to gain a window to customer sentiment, Trustpilot offers the same insight. Customers can post reviews for your website on Trustpilot even if you haven’t claimed your business – so if you aren’t keeping tabs on it, you could be missing out on vital information. When left unmonitored and without a proper response, reviews written by disgruntled customers could end up being a negative first impression of your business that potential customers see.

To claim your business on Trustpilot, visit Trustpilot Business and select “create a free account”. For further details, see Trustpilot’s business claiming help page here. Once you’ve claimed your business profile, you can get to work responding to reviews., also known as is an online directory that offers greatly enhanced functionalities compared with the Yellow Pages phone book that might be collecting dust in your attic. The site provides free business listings that help users discover local businesses. boasts over 80 million monthly users, making this site another great free resource for increasing your business’ exposure.

Creating or claiming your listing is as simple as visiting and selecting “Get Your Free Listing!”. The subsequent pages will walk you through the simple sign-up process.


Tripadvisor is a digital platform that hosts business listings primarily related to travel – such as hotels, lodging, transportation, restaurants, and entertainment. Boasting over 491 million active users per month, this platform is certainly not one to overlook for businesses in the travel & hospitality industry.

To create or claim your listing on Tripadvisor, visit the business owners page and enter your business name and location. From there, Tripadvisor will display whether your business has an existing listing or allow you to create a new one.

With hundreds of million combined users, it’s no doubt that these free online listing sites should not be overlooked! DSG is always on the hunt for new sites to extend your business’ online reach – so stay tuned for the next edition of under-the-radar listings!

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