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Consumers are leaving more business reviews than ever, with the review count per business location having grown by 27% over the past year. Businesses are getting savvier about the importance of reviews as well, responding to them 47% more than last year. Reputation management has become a particularly important practice for businesses new and old.

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In DSG’s last blog post, we discussed how voice search is the new technological phenomenon taking the world by storm. Today, we’re delving deeper and discussing location-based voice searches, which account for 22% of all voice searches made.

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According to Nielsen, nearly a quarter of American households now own a smart speaker, with most popular models including the Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The growing adoption of voice search technology has been one of the largest technological innovations of recent years, forcing marketers to think differently about how best to approach website optimization.

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In a world where technology develops further nearly every second of the day, privacy has become a complex issue that businesses and consumers must take seriously. Everything from location tracking to browsing history plays a part in marketers’ strategy to serve their content to a relevant and receptive audience; but consumers have become increasingly aware of privacy permissions. What does this mean for marketers and business owners?

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As 2020 begins, SEO specialists look back on the past year’s trends to offer you insights on the latest changes in the digital marketing world. This year, specialists suggest that zero click searches now account for over half of all google searches. So, what are zero click searches, and how should you alter your SEO strategy to align with this new-age trend?

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