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Getting The Right Information In All The Right Places


There’s no doubt that you’ve got an abundance of business data at your fingertips. But are you left wondering if you’re using it effectively? How can you best analyze the resources available to you to boost sales and increase performance? As DSG serves a large variety of clients across dozens of industries, we know that there is no single answer for the proper way to deal with analytics. However, one thing remains true across all industries: analytics can give you insights into which means of marketing are most effective in driving results.

Welcome to DSG’s final installment in our New Business Marketing Guide. Now that we’ve covered all the basics of marketing, it’s time to strategize on a larger scale. You may still be wondering which marketing tactics offer the biggest return, or how you can be sure you’re not foregoing crucial practices. Here at DSG we work with clients of all varieties, and we’d like to share which practices we find to be most beneficial to new businesses.

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Your brand is the embodiment of nearly everything your business does and how others perceive your business when you aren’t there to speak to it yourself. New businesses often struggle to make a voice for themselves, and brand voice inconsistency can be a barrier to earning the trust of your consumers. So, how can you develop a brand identity strong enough to move mountains?

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DSG has experienced firsthand how chaotic this time can be, particularly for business owners keeping tabs on dozens of location closures. Through the eyes of our multi-location clients, DSG has seen a wide variety of communication needs. We’re sure that keeping your clients informed of your business’s status is a top priority. We are also aware that not every business has a team of marketing professionals working to disseminate information across the web, as needed. That being said, DSG would like to share some resources that we find handy in helping businesses keep their online presence under control so that you may utilize the tools available to push important messages out to your audience.

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In the previous blog, we discussed the ever-important process of identifying your business’ target market. Now that you’ve determined who to focus your marketing on, the next step is to analyze the best means of reaching them.

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