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Getting The Right Information In All The Right Places


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In a world where technology develops further nearly every second of the day, privacy has become a complex issue that businesses and consumers must take seriously. Everything from location tracking to browsing history plays a part in marketers’ strategy to serve their content to a relevant and receptive audience; but consumers have become increasingly aware of privacy permissions. What does this mean for marketers and business owners?

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As 2020 begins, SEO specialists look back on the past year’s trends to offer you insights on the latest changes in the digital marketing world. This year, specialists suggest that zero click searches now account for over half of all google searches. So, what are zero click searches, and how should you alter your SEO strategy to align with this new-age trend?

Source: Greg Sterling, Screenwerk

Have you ever wondered why bad listings never die? Let me clarify. I am referring to the local listings for business locations that people find when searching online and via mobile devices. How about the ones with wrong information that keep popping up all over the Internet? Is this some crazy person’s version of marketing torture?

Source: Nick Rojas, LocalSearchInsider

We knew the day would come and now it’s here. New LSA consumer research shows that mobile devices (mostly smartphones) are now used more often for local search and to find local information than PCs.

Here’s the specific finding: 60% of US adults now typically choose smartphones or tablets over PCs to find information before buying products and services offline.

Source: Jason Barett, LocalSearchInsider

Perhaps no better marketing term describes our current digital age better than hyperlocal, which is fast and nearby. Speaking of nearby, 91% of mobile users have their handheld device within arm’s reach at all times, and 75% of Americans admit to taking their smartphone with them into the bathroom. This omnipresent device is a marketer’s dream come true.

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