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DSG focuses on your goals and objectives to drive results to your business. We are passionate about educating, advising and managing customized marketing campaigns within the digital and print marketplace. As an invested partner, we work collaboratively to guide you through this process. We will place you ahead of your competition by promoting your business, measuring results, optimizing, and keeping you abreast of additional opportunities. Using mobile, website, digital and traditional platforms, we deliver your company's vision. When your business succeeds, we succeed!

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About Us

From our humble beginnings as a graphics production house serving the telephone and general directory industry, the key to success has been our excellent customer service. In response to marketplace demands, we have expanded and are now a full-service digital marketing agency, DSG. Our focus on customer service remains unchanged. We provide innovative lead generation and branding programs using digital, mobile, social, traditional, and performance based media channels. Our primary objective is developing the right “media mix” to ensure each client’s best return on investment which, after all, is the top priority. We define success when our clients win in the markets where they compete.

  • Scott Sawin
    Scott Sawin President ssawin@dsgssi.com 610-640-1454, x105

    Helping clients’ businesses to succeed is a passion of mine, and the digital media landscape offers a whole host of opportunities to reach customers in a meaningful, measureable way. DSG’s goal is to “right-fit” your media spend to grow your business!

    Consider me a Baby Boomer with Millennial tendencies…put me on a beach somewhere with a set of golf clubs, and I’ll be a happy camper!

  • Dean K. Hodges
    Dean K. Hodges Executive Vice President dhodges@dsgssi.com 610-640-1454, x106

    Commitment to our clients is my focus for all types of advertising. By thinking outside the box, we deliver customized solutions in the ever-changing world of Digital, Mobile, Social and Traditional Advertising. We deliver quality Leads, Analytics and Reporting.

    In reality, I am "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer", occasionally known to attempt playing golf and sip back a cocktail or two with friends. Also known as Pop Pop to my grandsons.

  • Paige Sawin
    Paige Sawin VP, Sales & Services psawin@dsgssi.com 610-640-1454, x102

    Paige is a recent addition to the DSG digital team, but has been in the digital world for 10 years, starting in big agency pharma. She enjoys creative problem-solving and has a willingness to look "outside the box" to explore different approaches to marketing programs to meet our clients' needs.

    When out of the office, you will see her hanging on Long Beach Island, NJ with her fiance during the summer, at her local gym or cycling class, or catching a play or musical in Philadelphia.

  • Anne Malone
    Anne Malone Administrative Director amalone@dsgssi.com 610-640-1454, x104

    As someone who started in printing just after the invention of the Guttenberg press, I have participated in the graphic design world for most of my career. Though my work these days mainly surrounds operations and work flow, my love of good typography keeps me critical of movie subtitles (Papyrus in Avatar?!) and any use of Comic Sans. At home, I enjoy over-planning parties, whipping up new cocktails and spending time with my grown family.

  • Julie Bullock
    Julie Bullock Sr. Marketing Coordinator jbullock@dsgssi.com 610-640-1454, x203

    Julie began her career working in advertising more than 10 years ago. She began as a graphic artist & account manager and has grown into a lead position at DSG and assists within multiple departments in the company. She enjoys working with agents, colleagues, and co-workers to create and manage advertising programs for DSG's clients.

    Julie lives in New Jersey with her artist husband (image credit), and is mom to their two "young and rowdy" sons. She enjoys cooking, drinking wine, watching movies, and hanging out with family.